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Creativity #1: Church With Cliffie and Norm

A few saints were no doubt aghast, but “Chris,” a thirtysomething listener, was effusive in his praise. “You guys played a bit of ‘Hotel California’ on a Voice of Prophecy radio show? I love it!” Quick, let me explain. I … Continue reading

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Book Review: “I Will Die Free”

  A Thrilling Ride I know author Kay Rizzo, and this woman has penned one of the chilling, inspiring bios of all time! Noble Alexander’s harrowing saga of survival in a Cuban prison will move you to tears. The story … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The Little Rascals”

Son of Waldo Says “Thank You” This is an absolutely awesome resource about the beloved Little Rascals. Full disclosure: “Waldo” was my dad! Back in the heyday of the Our Gang troupe, Dad was privileged to play the nerdish Waldo … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Little Princes”

    A Pure Triumph! This book is wondrous on two levels. The writing is just amazing: funny, touching, descriptive, poignant. The humor and pathos are both sparkling and deeply moving. But what is most inspiring is how this author … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Child of the King”

  This is a well-crafted story; the characters are believable and the romantic interaction is quite a bit better – more realistic dialogue, believable emotions – than so much else in this genre. The e-book has a strange plethora of … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Lord, I Have a Question”

  Pastor Dan’s book crackles with thought-provoking illustrations – just like the man’s sermons. He’s not afraid to tackle all the difficult issues that have plagued Christians for generations. This is an honest, no-holds-barred discussion of matters that deserve much … Continue reading

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Book Review: You Are One of Them

Some writers have this wondrous, chilling knack of painting word pictures that are just SO FASCINATING. I think Elliott Holt does it about as well as Stephen King, and this very readable adventure is punctuated with such spot-on observations and … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Green Mile

  September 16, 2012 I was saddened last week to hear of the passing of Michael Clarke Duncan, the gentle giant who played John Coffey – “like the drink, only not spelt the same” – in my all-time favorite movie, … Continue reading

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TWINS: Four Pounds One Ounce Divided By Two

December 12, 2011 Last night I hovered anxiously over an incubator, its blue rays to combat hyperbilirubinemia casting a surreal glow over a tiny form squirming silently against formidable odds. “Baby Hafich A” – Miles Douglas – and his twin … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Keeping the Sabbath Wholly”

Marva’s book on the joys of celebrating a weekly Sabbath is a practical and delightful blueprint. She outlines innumerable principles and practices that can give a Christian a glimpse into the elegant pleasures of entering into Sabbath rest each week. … Continue reading

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