Book Review: “The Nine”



The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin

I found this to be a fascinating story of the past few decades of Supreme Court
labor. Toobin definitely explores the Court from his moderate-to-liberal
position – a stance I sympathize with largely in reference to religious liberty
cases. But his research is both colorful and impeccable, and the reader comes
away with an enhanced understanding of how the Court operates from year to year.
The most we can all pray for is nine brilliant and generous people who don’t
forget to feel the realities of others. Someone once observed that a key
influence upon the high bench is the chauffeurs – just ordinary folks – who
drive the nine people in robes to their positions of power.


About David B. Smith

I'm a math professor at San Bernardino Valley College - awesome place! - and author of adult Christian fiction. Lisa and I have two grown daughters and four grandkids.
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