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Give Me That Disneyland Religion

When a choir sings Amazing Grace, are you stirred? Does a powerful sermon bring you to tears? And if not, is that a warning that you are spiritually comatose? An untested politician named Obama suddenly found that he was rather … Continue reading

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Don’t Duck Responsibility For Your Free Speech

The “Duck Dynasty” uproar has some Christians bemoaning the demise of free speech in our nation.  But there are two treasured pillars in our unique American system: the second one is a free market where corporations who hire colorful, free-speaking … Continue reading

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White Jesus

Regarding the “Santa is white and so is Jesus” kerfuffle: I guess I wouldn’t mind if Saint Nick was a white guy, although why a TV news person like Megyn Kelly would go out of her way to make that … Continue reading

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It’s DRAMA Obama

“The Center Holds” packs a lot of insight into one volume. Alter is a seasoned journalist who admits his own passions and biases. This election account is essentially told from the Democratic perspective, but he diligently chides Obama for the … Continue reading

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What Fathers Want For Christmas by Art Buchwald

WHAT FATHERS WANT FOR CHRISTMAS I offer this in tribute to one of my favorite humorists, the late, great Art Buchwald. This is from “And Then I Told the President.” Kids these days have no appreciation of the real value … Continue reading

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