A Salute to the Missionary Band


I had a nice reunion chat after church yesterday with Nancy Jensen, who was my very first date! SA banquet, November, 1968, Far Eastern Academy. She said yes out of pity, I’m sure . . . but these 46 years later I noted with some pride that my two-inch height deficit has now been erased. (She looks as good as ever, by the way; I have always fellowship with ladies more attractive than I deserved, a Smith tradition that thankfully continues to this day.) I was sorry to hear that her dad had passed away just the day before. All you Bangkok folks will remember how Bill, a mechanical genius, ran the movie projectors for our Sunday night “Old Yeller” films on the hospital tennis court. And how Gary blasted “Surfin’ USA” at top volume across the compound. But then Nancy and I spent a few sacred minutes just being thankful for the amazing troupe of mission families who made Thailand ministry so awesome in the sixties. Here we go: Aitkens, Anholms, Crawfords, Criders, Damrons, Dorans, Ekvalls, Falconbridges, Feltus, Green, Harrises, Jennings, Kettings, Kopitzkes, Laceys, Lambertons, Lambeths, Ludingtons, Nelsons, Ordelheides, Pudewells, Smiths (D. K. and E.B.), Sprengels, Thompsons, Tylers, Websters, Wicks, Wiessemans. I know I’ve forgotten some wonderful families, and kaw todt for my failing memory. But these were brave, visionary, wide-eyed, YOUNG couples – my own mom and dad were just twenty-eight with two toddlers and an infant in arms when they took a steam freighter to the boondocks of Chiang Mai. Half a century later, Thailand is still populated with literally thousands of Christians whose lives changed because our missionary parents made a courageous choice to obey the call.

About David B. Smith

I'm a math professor at San Bernardino Valley College - awesome place! - and author of adult Christian fiction. Lisa and I have two grown daughters and four grandkids.
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