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FB Screaming at My Best Friends

I reflect on the political swamp Facebook has become – and my own occasional culpability. It has just hit me: we are so often attacking our own friends. Calling people we love “stupid” and “traitor” because their background and life … Continue reading

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  Here’s a cute Buchwald article from right after the 1964 election, where LBJ absolutely wiped out Barry Goldwater in an Electoral College landslide. One of the Goldwater slogans was, “In your heart you know he’s right,” and Buchwald does … Continue reading

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The Church Has Its Reputation to Guard

In his great Christian book, “What’s So Amazing About Grace,” Philip Yancey warns about the Christian Church’s entanglement in politics with this observation: “The public image of the evangelical church today is practically defined by an emphasis on two issues … Continue reading

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The Trump Tapes

This has been a brutal weekend for millions of Americans who love their country. We long for a political campaign robust but respectful, as two good-hearted citizens, leaders of their party, debate noble and complex ideas about the betterment of … Continue reading

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A Political Prayer

Here’s my prayer for calm and grace during this political season. This was originally posted in the spiritual resources website “Answers For Me,” and is certainly timely this time around with five weeks to go. Dear God: Lord, please help … Continue reading

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