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Book Review: “Black Flags: The Rise of Isis”

This is a compelling and very readable account of the global rise of ISIS. Reading it, one definitely gets a sense of the strange and persistent allure of this craven movement and its butchery. I find it interesting that, as … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Her Mother’s Hope”

It’s easy to see why Francine Rivers is an undisputed master in the genre of Christian historical fiction. This semiautobiographical story is a sprawling saga covering half a century and two continents and a pair of troubled protagonists. The writing … Continue reading

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Christians are wondering whether to steel themselves and take it the blood-bathed violence in Mel Gibson’s new war film, Hacksaw Ridge. I saw it on opening day, and for what it’s worth, my impression is that the war scenes are … Continue reading

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You Can’t Vote!

  It’s troubling that some things in our nation seem not to change much. The Fourth Court of Appeals recently struck down a voter law in North Carolina, noting that the proposal cynically “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.” … Continue reading

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