Audiobook of “Distant Land”!


I consider it a pure loaves-and-fishes miracle that my Lord helped me to find this brilliant Christian talent: Tonya Foster Yancey. We connected through, and she kindly agreed to take a look at Love in a Distant Land. I had to warn her up front that the love story is crawling with Thai vocabulary, including tongue-twisters like Suvarnabhumi Airport and Sukhumvit Road. I mean, the main cute-guy protagonist is named Khemkaeng Chaisurivirat!

But many, many, MANY hours later, I listened with bated breath as Tonya delivered this ten-hour miracle! I love her performance. Actually, let me edit that word. This talented new friend and ministry partner doesn’t perform: she inhabits the role. As I listen, it really is Rachel Marie – “Missie Stone” – leading her sixth-grade troops at Bangkok Christian School. And it’s for sure a vulnerable, hope-filled girlfriend sitting across from her new boyfriend at a restaurant on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Some of those love scenes are truly priceless.

I hope you’ll give her project a listen because this talented lady really deserves a huge audience.

Interview With Tonya!