Bible Questions

bible.311154316_stdI confess that these would be just “one reporter’s opinion,” but if
you’re digging through the Bible – and are pondering a hard question – it can be a blessing to dialogue with others. Back in 2009, some good friends at asked me for some brief essays on various prickly Bible topics. Here they are.

Are All Foods Clean to Eat?

Are My Loved Ones Already in Heaven?

Are Other Worlds Inhabited?

Are We Saved By Grace or Works?

Can I Be a Good Christian Without Joining a Church?

Can Only Christians Be Saved in Heaven?

Can We Communicate With the Dead?

Did Jesus Have a Holy, Sinless Nature?

Did Jesus Say We Should Hate Our Parents?

Do People Really Speak in Tongues?

Does God Always Say Yes to Our Prayers?

Does God Know Every Detail About the Future?

Does Hell Burn Forever?

Does James Teach a “Salvation By Works” Gospel?

Does the Bible Forbid All Divorces?

Does the Bible Say We Have to Be Perfect?

Does the Bible Support Capital Punishment?

How Can I Share My Faith?

How Can Jesus Be “God’s Only Begotten Son”?

How Did Moses Appear With Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration?

How Should We Treat “Rebellious” Christians?

I Find It Impossible to Forgive My Enemy

Is Birth Control Forbidden in the Bible?

Is Celibacy a Biblical Principle?

Is Every Story in the Bible Really True?

Is It a Sin to Get Angry?

Is It Wrong to Gossip?

Is It Wrong to Have Sex Before Marriage?

Is It Wrong to Wear Jewelry?

Is Jesus the Son of God?

Is the Devil Real?

Is the Virgin Birth of Jesus Biblical?

Is There Such a Place As Purgatory?

Is “Once Saved, Always Saved” Biblical?

Should I Worship God If I Don’t Feel Anything?

What Does the Bible Say About a Secret Rapture?

What Does the Bible Say About the Judgment?

What Does the Bible Tell  Us About Angels?

What Is a Spiritual Gift?

What Is Faith?

What Is Repentance?

What Is the Holy Spirit?

What Is the  Millennium?

What Is Tithing?

What Is “Babylon”?

What’s the Difference Between Grace and Faith?

Who Is Michael?

Won’t God Eventually Save Everyone?


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