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Super Bowl Fun

Here’s a classic column from the late, great Art Buchwald, perfect for Super Bowl weekend. “He Didn’t Watch the Game” A bunch of us were standing around the bar on Monday talking about Super Bowl Sunday and what a dandy … Continue reading

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You Can’t Vote!

  It’s troubling that some things in our nation seem not to change much. The Fourth Court of Appeals recently struck down a voter law in North Carolina, noting that the proposal cynically “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.” … Continue reading

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An Election Break

Cheer up, my fellow voters. If the Trump/Clinton race is causing you some angst, I hope you’ll enjoy a few of these classic Buchwald humor columns from 52 years ago. I’ll try to post one every weekend until our own … Continue reading

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What Fathers Want For Christmas by Art Buchwald

WHAT FATHERS WANT FOR CHRISTMAS I offer this in tribute to one of my favorite humorists, the late, great Art Buchwald. This is from “And Then I Told the President.” Kids these days have no appreciation of the real value … Continue reading

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