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I could list some legit criticisms of this book, and other reviewers have. But the bottom line is this: holy cow, this is a masterpiece of poetic beauty! Patti Callahan has a style and grace with words that is just … Continue reading

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BACK TO THE FUTURE   In probably the best-ever time-travel movie, Marty McFly rides the DeLorean back to 1955 and happens to make an offhand encouraging remark to his now teenaged and aimless dad. “You know, George, you can do … Continue reading

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Book Review: “C. S. Lewis: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet”

I repeatedly hear fellow Christians who admit to sharing my childhood and teen experience of “growing up afraid of not attaining salvation.” Bangkok mission life was in many ways an exhilarating adventure, yet the Protestant theology of that era meant … Continue reading

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