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  THEOLOGY AT THE MOVIES: THE STING   The Sting has got one of the classiest endings in film, and it earned a Best Picture Oscar in 1973. Audiences enjoyed seeing Paul Newman and Robert Redford pair up again after … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Redeeming Love”

“Redeeming Love” has achieved bestseller status, and any reader with spiritual sensibilities will quickly sense why. Rivers is one of the true masters of Christian fiction, and this is probably her best book. (I’ve read three in the past six … Continue reading

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The Unbeatable Strength of Christ’s Body

Seldom do we witness the kind of raw, unassailable courage we saw Friday as family members of victims faced the racist shooter, Dylann Roof. Over and over, these grieving Christians said to their enemy, “I forgive you. Through the power … Continue reading

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Farewell to an American Hero

I was sorry to hear of the passing of a true American hero: Louis Zamperini. An Olympic athlete, he survived two months on a raft during WWII and years of torture at the hands of “The Bird,” a sadistic prison … Continue reading

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Fifty Years Ago Today . . .

Christians should also thank God for the literary abundance of C. S. Lewis, who passed away the same day as John F. Kennedy. Two of my favorite quotes are both from “Mere Christianity.”  Regarding faith, he writes: “To trust Him … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Lord, I Have a Question”

  Pastor Dan’s book crackles with thought-provoking illustrations – just like the man’s sermons. He’s not afraid to tackle all the difficult issues that have plagued Christians for generations. This is an honest, no-holds-barred discussion of matters that deserve much … Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner – Get Off the Stage!

So what kind of forgiveness do Christians offer when sex-scandal sinners like Anthony Weiner and San Diego mayor Bob Filner want to give a quick media mea culpa and then remain in the race – or hold onto their position? … Continue reading

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