Joke of the Week!






A guy’s just about finished laying carpet for a wealthy family when he decides he’s craving a cigarette. But . . . no cigarettes. Dang! Where’d they go? Just then, he spots a telltale lump right smack dab in the middle of the room where the expensive carpet’s already glued down, nailed down, everything.

Rats! He’s not about to tear up a five-hour job just for that. So, glancing around to make sure he’s alone, he takes a 2′ x 4′ and carefully tamps down the lump until it’s completely smooth. Ah. No one will ever know.

Picking up his tools, he heads out to the pickup truck, ready to write up the invoice. He’s startled to see, perched right there on his dashboard, the missing pack of cigarettes. Just then, he hears the lady of the house calling out: “Has anybody seen the parakeet?”

























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