Joke of the Week!







The story is told of a new boss who moved into the corner office of a frantic, busy company. After a couple of weeks he gathered the staff around and said: “Look, here’s my goal. I want to be able to walk down any hallway of this place, stick my head into any corner, go into any cubicle, enter any workroom . . . and find that people are working. Not goofing off. Not reading magazines. Not crocheting. Not playing ‘Free Cell’ on their computers. Working! Is that such a hard concept to comprehend? I walk in anytime . . . and I find you working.” He looked around from one person to the next. “Now, does anybody have any suggestions as to how we can achieve this goal?” After a long pause, a guy with a ponytail raised his hand, and said: “Yeah. Wear shoes that squeak when you walk.”





















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