Now that I’ve got grandkids (and am getting killed at games of Sorry), some of my writing passion is heading in this fun juvenile direction! I hope you’ll share some of these grace-bathed stories with your young friends.


With ten adult-themed books all happening at Bangkok Christian School, a lot of these romances have turned into marriages . . . and now a whole flock of kids coming into their own. Rachel Marie and Khemkaeng have Gage and Katrina; Dr. Ratana and her long-haired husband, Noah, are the proud parents of Jaidee. There’s plenty of adventure and teasing and old-fashioned fun, all bathed in pineapple smoothies and trips to the water park.

Kites & Angels


And check out this fun soccer-themed story. All the Christian schools are ready for some summer fun on the athletic fields of Bangkok. Just one problem: one squad has a cheater in its midst. Can Jaidee and Gage learn to forgive the culprit?

Bad Goals Good Goals

t’s here! I’ve had this amazing story percolating for several years, and it’s finally on the Amazon bookshelf. “Rescue of the Blue Planet” is aimed at Christian teens – really, grades five and up – but I sure hope all my adult friends enjoy it as well.

Like me, some of you devoured the C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy; the powerful middle volume is entitled “Perelandra.” It’s basically the Garden of Eden temptation happening again, circa WWII, but on a faraway world. This YA novel flips the story around. Other highly developed world happen BEFORE Planet Earth; their holy civilizations have developed smart phones, kids play basketball, the cars are self-driving. Then the saga of our own Adam and Eve happen millennia after their own growth to perfection. It’s a fun premise, and I hope you and your junior-high friends will be blessed by the Calvary conclusion.

Front Cover Nov

Rescue of the Blue Planet


It’s the sizzlin’ great summer of 1962; Brian and Becky love their SoCal life! Rock and roll is on the radio; a cool President named Kennedy is in the White House. And the Dodgers are red hot in their brand new L.A. stadium. But whoa! Mom and Dad want to pick up everything and move clear around the world to Thailand. To be missionaries! What does that mean for these two fun-loving Christian twins? Bangkok is a city throbbing with sanuk (fun) plus sights and smells and tastes . . . and millions of nice people who don’t know Jesus. Plus airplanes that get lost in tropical storms and church choirs that get to sing in the swankiest nightclubs in all of Asia. Check out the story! $1.00

Over the Sea