New Writing Team: Dan & David!

I’m super-excited about teaming up with my big brother for a series of joint books! For years I’ve admired how Dan has channeled his spiritual zeal for “The Character of God” into successful mission adventures, building projects, and cutting-edge evangelism all around the globe. Now, in a spirit of cooperative creativity (and some sibling give-and-take!) we’re hoping to offer a fresh look at some of the church’s most pressing issues.

“Behold, He Comes!” explores the Body of Christ’s most precious hope: the Second Coming of Jesus. Are heaven’s many promises about “Soon! Soon! Soon!” still trustworthy? Many hopeful saints have also grown anxious about the nagging worry: “Am I holy enough to receive a mansion when Jesus returns?” What does God expect of those in a final generation who live right up to the last plague-filled days?

This brand new book will rekindle your confidence that what Jesus says He will do . . . He always does! Click on the link below to get your print or e-book copy.

Behold, He Comes!

This poignant story-within-a-story shared by Jesus takes us to one of heaven’s most powerful truths: EACH OF US DESPERATELY NEEDS JESUS! We are so lost without Him! What’s more, it’s only when we fall in love with our rescuing Savior that our Christian journey can become an adventure of joy. In this quiet “foot-washing” story, Mary got that, and Simon didn’t.

Simon & Mary