Prayer: Bless the Missionaries

Lord, it’s the corniest prayer cliché in the universe, but I have it on my heart to pray today for all the missionaries. I only sampled that life for ten days back in college, but even that was such a hard and arduous adventure. Despite subtitled HBO, e-mail, and free Skype phone service here in this 21st century, mission lands are still primitive and often hostile. Christianity is an impossible sell in so many places, but your ambassadors are out there, graciously and warmly investing in friendships and then sharing the news of your kingdom.

Father, so many of these heroes can spend years in one spot, and maybe have one conversion “trophy” to show for all of that work. Encourage them today with a glimpse of how that one changed life multiplies itself and permeates a foreign society, quietly and exponentially building up into a victory for heaven.

And Father, again, please just bless the missionaries. Add your miraculous power to what they’re doing. Make their sermons and Bible studies vibrant; give their translated words power. Impress a skeptic’s heart with divine reasoning straight from your throne. Startle our men and women serving on the far outposts with supernatural results.

Here at home, please make me a missionary too.