Prayer: Breakdown

Lord, it’s so frustrating when our machines don’t work. Some people can just wave a wrench and their washing machines gulp apologetically and fix themselves. But I’m so mechanically helpless; I have no recourse but to call a $75 expert, or buy a new appliance every time it makes a funny noise.

Help me to keep a spirit of thankfulness that broken things can be fixed, and that temporary frustrations are just that. I’m grateful that the garbage disposal worked as long as it did, and that you’ve blessed us with the resources to painlessly order a replacement. And I realize that the repairman needs to make a living too.

Thank you for the privilege of living in a land where so many conveniences ease the burden of life, and help me to always remember those who still do the family laundry down by the river and then wait for a sunny day to dry their clothes. I’m truly blessed.