Prayer: Detours

Jesus, it’s so frustrating to have plans change! Our daughter just called, and her incoming flight is two hours late . . . and being routed to an airport much farther away. It seems like life is one perpetual round of trudging through strange concourses, orange cones on a rain-slicked highway, flight monitors silently screaming their bad news, and efficient four-year college dreams that end up taking eleven or twelve semesters.

I really find it hard to accept that your control of human events is ultimate more than moment-by-moment, that even your children are going to have schedules go awry and plans go up in smoke. And I’m sure I have just a scant comprehension of how many times one of your permitted red lights ended up saving me some real grief.

But there’s the Bible story of Joseph – helping me to praise you for the reality that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord. And that all of life’s detours still lead inexorably to your heavenly kingdom.

Now I’ve got to jump in the car and get clear out to LAX instead of Ontario. Sigh.