Prayer: Easter Joy

Father God, on this wonderful weekend, I want to praise you for your victory at Calvary. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending your own Son to redeem us . . . and then for calling him forth in triumph from the tomb. Even with the hurts and nuisances still going on down here, Easter absolutely marks the end of the war. It’s unbelievably good to be on your winning side.

Please keep the reality of Jesus’ resurrection ever before us, Father. Keep us believing it and proclaiming it. “I serve a risen Savior; he’s in the world today.” And his emerging from the grave means that Mom and Dad are going to soon do the same; all the departed people I love and mourn are simply on the other side of a tissue curtain that can now so easily be torn aside by our mighty King.

Help us to also comprehend the unity we have with all fellow Christians who confess this same truth. Despite the significance of our denominational creeds and our important distinctive doctrines, it’s the glory of Jesus coming back to life which knits us all together into one global body. Please give us a real sense of that shared hope this Easter weekend.