Prayer: Good Teachers

Well, we got through another parent-teacher conference, Lord . . . and what a treasure Mrs. Quigley is! Some people are born – or, I guess, created – to be in the classroom and she’s one of them. With her talents, she could be doing something a lot more lucrative, but here she is. She so obviously loves and mentors each child with professionalism and gentle care, and it means a lot to us to know that Ryan is in such good care.

I can only imagine what a tough gig it is being in a crowded classroom, and how many of our teachers walk away in despair after just a couple of seasons. Please help all of us parents to support our faculty and to also do our part here on the home front. And help me to remember to be faithful in showing our gratitude with promptly returned grade reports and a Jamba Juice gift card now and again.

Thank you for bringing this unique person into our son’s life. Please bless her abundantly.