Prayer: Let the Music Flow

We heard a new praise song at church this week, Father. Sometimes I get frustrated that we’re endlessly sampling homegrown musical concoctions, and rarely get to sing something familiar and relaxing. I think I’d donate $100 if Dave would choose Precious Lord, Take My Hand just once. But this new song . . . wow! It truly touched my soul.

Thank you for the continual flow of great new songs that blesses the Christian church. The power of the cross and your everlasting goodness are eternal themes, and I can’t get over how our composers and lyricists just keep writing wonderful songs that build up our love for you and your kingdom.

I guess every classic song has to start out new that first weekend, and we do experience our share of busted “experiments.” Some praise leaders do need to learn that just because a song performs well on KSGN doesn’t mean it’s congregation-friendly. (And you know what I think about songs that head up to high E and stay there!) But again, I love the reality that Christianity has the best music – a Niagara that seems to keep on flowing. Thank you.