Prayer: Off to Camp!

Nicky looked so vulnerable getting on that bus this morning, Lord. His first trip to summer church camp . . . and he’s still just seven. He’s been so excited about it this whole past month, packing and repacking his backpack, but I could tell that he had one fragile moment of don’t-let-me-cry panic when they loaded up. Thank you for helping him to get through it.

Father, I know our church provides excellent care and godly counselors, so all I can do is pray that everything goes according to plan. Keep the kids safe during the horseback rides and the nature hikes and the twenty million hours in the pool. And especially, please help the children catch a tiny but precious new glimpse of your glory and your love during this week. After all, that’s what Christian camp is all about.

P.S. He wouldn’t pray this out loud so I’ll say it for him: Please don’t let him wet the bed!