Q: What is faith?

When we know someone well, we trust them. We count on them to do what they have promised to do, and to care for our well-being! To have “faith” in God is simply to know him well enough to believe his promises, and to count on His Son for salvation as he has guaranteed to do.

This is why it’s important for believers to have a regular lifestyle of reading the Bible, praying, discussing spiritual things with others, and regular church attendance, where the things of God are shared and discussed:  these all build a secure faith relationship. The Christian writer, C. S. Lewis, himself a former atheist, once observed: “We must train the habit of faith.” He suggested simply examining or studying your Christian beliefs for a brief time each day as w way of strengthening our “faith muscle.”

Faith is not a “thing” we can have more of, or an emotional high that is artificially built up, but a relationship of trust that can steadily grow deeper and deeper.  Hebrews 11 tells us that it does involve believing something we haven’t yet seen (God and his kingdom), but the Bible is filled with many stories that assure us we can have faith in him.  Faith must always have an object, and the proper object of a Christian’s faith is always the Lord.