Speaker / Guest Lecturer

I’m pretty much tied down with calculus lectures at Valley College! But every now and then I do enjoy visiting a church to share an inspirational talk. Here are my two favorites!


Back in 2000 I was stunned to discover I was the perfect six-for-six match for a little Korean boy dying of leukemia. Ack!! I really didn’t want to participate (the medical journal warned that my own backside would be black-and-blue for a week.) But God’s call was kind of relentless and I finally whispered yes.

What followed turned into the thrill of my life. I won’t give away the ending, but it’s all way good. Plus i was inspired to take that roller coaster ride and fold it into the plot line for Book #3 in my Bangkok series, All the Winning Numbers.



Hard to believe that a Hollywood brat whose best (delinquent) friend was named Alfalfa, and who enjoyed romantic moments with Darla Hood on the big silver screen would end up as a missionary sent to the boonies of northern Thailand. But hey, I was there! Dad’s childhood adventures in the Our Gang comedy troupe are a fun story to share, and I have some priceless black-and-white movie clips for your church group to enjoy. But the best script of all is this: Jesus had his eye on “Waldo,” and was determined to bring this nerdy actor into the body of Christ.


Dad’s the good-looking Christian on the left. (You can tell Darla’s mad for him.)

NOTE: Each story runs just under an hour, and it’s fun to have a quick book-signing afterwards! These are fun, godly stories of how heaven always unfolds our Lord’s perfect will.