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Is PERFECTION a healthy and biblical goal for a Christian? When Jesus challenges his followers to “Be ye therefore perfect,” does this mean what it sounds like? In sports, all golfers aim at the pin, not the water hazards. Pitchers strive for a perfect game; bowlers want to roll a 300; students pray for a 4.0. Is perfect obedience an equally admirable goal? This new e-book also addresses the thorny issue of what many call “Last Generation Perfection.” During the cosmic upheaval of the last days, will a select group of super-Christians vindicate God’s character by achieving perfect sinlessless?  $3.00

Aiming for the Pin


They call it the “Death Zone” – 26,000 feet high, close to the roof of the world, where the planet’s rotation causes 140 mph winds. What makes alpine climbers risk fortunes and even their lives in order to stand for five minutes on the world’s highest peak? Mount Everest is also the wind-swept battlefield for personality conflicts, the unfolding of ego-driven dramas, and the sometimes unheralded stories of courage and sacrifice as one climber lays down his life for another. Salvation on the Summit focuses on the tragic climbing season of 1996, as told by bestselling author Jon Krakauer, to unpack spiritual lessons and glimpses of a heavenly kingdom so close to the stars above our world’s Third Pole. $3.00

“Chilling, inspiring listening, the best stuff you guys have done in years . . . David Smith is a creative and inspiring writer.” Margaret, radio fan from the original Everest series

Salvation on the Summit


Here’s the first thing I ever tried to write – except for the monthly spoof column I did for my high school newspaper in Singapore. Bats was created on an Apple IIe computer that had zero hard drive; I stored the chapters one by one on a massive floppy disk. There’s a story here about taking my three-year-old Karli to a Dodger game, and now she has a Ph.D. and teaches at University of Montevallo. But Bats, Balls & Altar Calls does have some good baseball analogies for the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, this was all written before Kirk Gibson’s homer in the 1988 World Series. Is a sequel soon to come? $2.00

Bats, Balls & Altar Calls