For years I’ve wanted to work on a time-travel project. I loved the “Back to the Future” trilogy, and Lisa and I fell in love with an old H. G. Wells story entitled “Time After Time.” But it’s been my dream to work on a novel that had a God element to it.


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“You can’t change the Big Thing.” This dictum invariably puts the brakes on all time-travel stories. 9/11 tragedies and Auschwitz can’t be overruled without the “butterfly effect” causing even greater havoc. When high school senior Jordan Wickam gets a mysterious bootleg iPod that flips back his calendar exactly seven days, he piles up a greedy fortune betting on horse-racing exactas.

But his digital toy hides an unexpected menu erasing whole centuries at a time. Four additional thrill rides beckon with their promises of adventure and romantic temptation. Jordan suddenly has a front-row seat for classic World Series games, presidential assassinations, and a deck chair on the world’s unluckiest ship. As tension escalates, Jordan slowly begins to comprehend why he was chosen.

“The Time Portal” blends fiction with true details, using some of the most appealing historical stories ever enjoyed by large audiences. This is a spiritual thriller wrestling with questions of fate and God’s intervention (or lack thereof) in the slow unveiling of a divine blueprint.

The Time Portal