I’m a sucker for a good story! In my years writing for Christian radio, we didn’t have but a few precious seconds to grab that commuting listener, so I’ve spent my adult life looking for great spiritual hooks: theology from Charlie Brown and Linus, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, or Tom Hanks’ great romantic line: “Don’t cry, Shop Girl.” I’m a proud member of the Venden/Smith fraternity of speakers who always begin a talk with: “Have you heard this one?”

Every writing project I work on has a focus on what C. S. Lewis wisely called “mere Christianity.” I’m passionate about the Body of Christ and the fact that you and I are brothers and sisters in the faith. (If you’re still pondering the wonder of Calvary, well, that’s cool too.) I’ve thanked the Lord many times for his tangible blessing as I try to craft a story that will inspire readers and bless their journey toward our shared heavenly home.


What a nice thrill to hear this Bangkok love story come to life with a recording pro like Tonya Foster Yancey at the mike! My new friend and partner worked all this Spring to get the audiobook just right, and I’m so proud of her. If you subscribe to audible.com, please consider making this your free pick of the month and take “Love in a Distant Land” with you to the beach or to ease your freeway commute.

Here’s your link to the audiobook!

Love in a Distant Land Audiobook

Interview With Tonya!


My most recent challenge is exciting – a brand new series of love stories set in my childhood mission home of Bangkok. These adventures are populated with fascinating characters, adorable Thai schoolchildren, and the sizzling flavor of a bustling Asian city. Betty, a good friend of mine who does PR for her faith community, tore through Vol. 1, “Love in a Distant Land,” and I was thrilled with her emailed summation: “David, it’s a tour de force!”


#1 Love in a Distant Land

After a busted romance, Rachel Marie escapes to a one-year stint at Bangkok Christian School, where everyone hopes she can model being a superstar teacher. Love soon begins to percolate with Khemkaeng, BCS’s vice principal, who is thoughtful, gracious, good-looking . . . and a nominal Buddhist.

#2 And a Happy New You

Samantha Kidd arrives at BCS divorced, bitter, and with a 7-year-old child in tow. Before long she’s helplessly in love with the school’s joke-loving music teacher, Tommy Daggett. But her flashes of rage are still an issue, and she has yet to make a decision about Jesus. This story has a gripping subplot dealing with Thailand’s infamous sex trade.

#3 All the Winning Numbers

She’s 55 years old and has had exactly zero dates since a one-kiss high school fling many decades ago. On the brighter side, Sue Baines is a whiz organizer and a dynamic substitute principal at Bangkok Christian School. She might actually savor falling in love with a hulking, tender Aussie physician except for one thing: Miles’ son Gino is a hostile and disrespectful teen who hates both his father and his father’s new lady friend.

#4 Bump, Set, Love

All through the first three books, Benjie Cey is invariably the motley sidekick with toothpaste spatters on his necktie. All at once he’s got what Thai kids call a “fan.” Chloe Cey is forced to attend university at Bangkok because of her father’s new gig at the British Embassy. She’s a volleyball superstar with matinee good looks. Is this a likely romantic pairing? This riveting story has terrorist bomb scares and finishes with a thrilling saga of forgiveness.

#5 Resurrected Love

A random act of horror shreds Audrey’s marriage and threatens her faith as well. But medical healing is more laid-back and affordable clear around the world in the bargain-rich Land of Smiles. Soon Miss Giske finds herself teaching sixth grade right next to Rachel Marie among the colorful BCS dream team that knows how to rebuild broken hearts. Pieter Jooste, renowned cardiac surgeon at Saint Catherine Hospital, becomes her platonic friend and tennis therapy partner. Despite his gracious overtures, Audrey, still emotionally numb from the accident, isn’t ready to love again. But she admits to being romantically intrigued by Charles, a colorful professor at nearby Redeemer College. Resurrected Love is yet another dramatic love story set in exotic Thailand where Buddhist harmony and Christian miracles flow in co-existing streams.

#6 Accompanied By a Miracle

It takes some adept multitasking for Ratana to thrive as a third-year med student who also does church concerts throughout Bangkok. Then one more thing threatens to explode her frantic schedule at Chulalongkorn U. His name is Jaidee: a heart-melting two-year-old orphan who needs a new mommy. Studio sessions and concert gigs help her and Dad pay for a mountain of diapers and Sky Train commutes to arduous clinical sessions at Saint Catherine Hospital. Then a long-haired musical whiz from California shows up, eager to produce Thailand’s own version of Music Power . . . and Maw Ratana Kasemsarn is high on everyone’s list of possible superstars. Can Noah Charoenkul mentor Bangkok’s favorite doctor wannabe to the final round? As the drama unfolds, Channel Twelve’s TV cameras seem to also be picking up a percolating love story.


I’ve been dreaming about this project for years . . . and it’s here! If you’re intrigued by sci-fi drama, especially time-travel stories, then we’ve got a triple adventure waiting for you. Please do click on the TIME PORTAL link and read all about Jordan Wickam’s blast to the past.


Kids are back in school and teachers want them to shut off cell phones and READ!!  Bucky Stone books are awesome character-building stories.

BUCKY COMPILATION 2 All ten volumes in the Bucky Stone saga have just been re-released in print format! These are fun, Christ-centered stories, filled with sports action and sizzling high school romance. They make the perfect birthday gift or holiday stocking stuffer. And yes, they’re available as e-books as well. Each adventure is priced at Amazon’s minimum of $4.95, so your kids can indulge in the whole saga.

“To have a boy want to sit and read book after book in a wholesome series is wonderful. My son loved this whole series and highly recommends it!!!” – Kristen, May 2012

Bucky Stone #1: Making Waves at Hampton Beach High

We must attack the enemy’s line of communication. What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects – with their Christianity latent. – C. S. Lewis

Check out these new essays on the pillars of Christianity!





2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. cynthia gollner says:

    I went to your review at Valley College on what I would say if I was God.. It had to be very difficult to write this you came out very inspiring I even shed tears.
    cynthia gollner

  2. Thanks, Cynthia. It WAS a hard essay, but I’m confident that God has a make-good divine plant to heal every single hurt his children experience. Thanks so much for writing!

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