I’m a sucker for a good story! In my years writing for Christian radio, we didn’t have but a few precious seconds to grab that commuting listener, so I’ve spent my adult life looking for great spiritual hooks: theology from Charlie Brown and Linus, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, or Tom Hanks’ great romantic line: “Don’t cry, Shop Girl.” I’m a proud member of the Venden/Smith fraternity of speakers who always begin a talk with: “Have you heard this one?”

Every writing project I work on has a focus on what C. S. Lewis wisely called “mere Christianity.” I’m passionate about the Body of Christ and the fact that you and I are brothers and sisters in the faith. (If you’re still pondering the wonder of Calvary, well, that’s cool too.) I’ve thanked the Lord many times for his tangible blessing as I try to craft a story that will inspire readers and bless their journey toward our shared heavenly home.


Rachel Marie contemplates a whole new life as a teacher in faraway Thailand!

My most recent challenge is exciting – a brand new series of love stories set in my childhood mission home of Bangkok. These adventures are populated with fascinating characters, adorable Thai schoolchildren, and the sizzling flavor of a bustling Asian city. Betty, a good friend of mine who does PR for her faith community, tore through Vol. 1, “Love in a Distant Land,” and I was thrilled with her emailed summation: “David, it’s a tour de force!”


#1 Love in a Distant Land

#2 And a Happy New You

#3 All the Winning Numbers

#4 Bump, Set, Love


It’s here! I’ve had this amazing story percolating for several years, and it’s finally on the Amazon bookshelf. “Rescue of the Blue Planet” is aimed at Christian teens – really, grades five and up – but I sure hope all my adult friends enjoy it as well.

Like me, some of you devoured the C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy; the powerful middle volume is entitled “Perelandra.” It’s basically the Garden of Eden temptation happening again, circa WWII, but on a faraway world. This YA novel flips the story around. Other highly developed world happen BEFORE Planet Earth; their holy civilizations have developed smart phones, kids play basketball, the cars are self-driving. Then the saga of our own Adam and Eve happen millennia after their own growth to perfection. It’s a fun premise, and I hope you will be blessed by the Calvary conclusion.

Rescue of the Blue Planet

Kids are back in school and teachers want them to shut off cell phones and READ!!  Bucky Stone books are awesome character-building stories.

BUCKY COMPILATION 2 All ten volumes in the Bucky Stone saga have just been re-released in print format! These are fun, Christ-centered stories, filled with sports action and sizzling high school romance. They make the perfect birthday gift or holiday stocking stuffer. And yes, they’re available as e-books as well. Each adventure is priced at Amazon’s minimum of $4.95, so your kids can indulge in the whole saga.

“To have a boy want to sit and read book after book in a wholesome series is wonderful. My son loved this whole series and highly recommends it!!!” – Kristen, May 2012

Bucky Stone #1: Making Waves at Hampton Beach High


We must attack the enemy’s line of communication. What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects – with their Christianity latent. – C. S. Lewis


It’s been a while, but I have a brand new book hopping up into the Amazon marketplace. “The Saga of Farmer Jesus” explores the Parable of the Sower, one of my favorites. This book has a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor from my Bangkok days (and some grandpa laments), a dose of Morris Venden and C. S. Lewis, and confessions from my current dream gig as a math professor at Valley College. The book’s available in both print and electronic format, and I hope you’ll find it a blessing. Here’s the link!

The Saga of Farmer Jesus

Salvation On the Summit

everestcover_15774820_stdThey call it the “Death Zone” – 26,000 feet high, close to the roof of the world, where the planet’s rotation causes 140 mph winds. What makes alpine climbers risk fortunes and even their lives in order to stand for five minutes on the world’s highest peak? Mount Everest is also the wind-swept battlefield for personality conflicts, the unfolding of ego-driven dramas, and the sometimes unheralded stories of courage and sacrifice as one climber lays down his life for another. Salvation on the Summit focuses on the tragic climbing season of 1996, as told by bestselling author Jon Krakauer, to unpack spiritual lessons and glimpses of a heavenly kingdom so close to the stars above our world’s Third Pole. $3.00

“Chilling, inspiring listening, the best stuff you guys have done in years . . . David Smith is a creative and inspiring writer.” Margaret, radio fan from the original Everest series

Check out these new essays on the pillars of Christianity!







2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. cynthia gollner says:

    I went to your review at Valley College on what I would say if I was God.. It had to be very difficult to write this you came out very inspiring I even shed tears.
    cynthia gollner

  2. Thanks, Cynthia. It WAS a hard essay, but I’m confident that God has a make-good divine plant to heal every single hurt his children experience. Thanks so much for writing!

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